How To Travel Internationally With Your Pet

A pet owner hates nothing more than to travel somewhere without their beloved pet. That is because leaving their loved ones alone mean that they would not get to enjoy their holiday. That is because not only would then have to find a caretaker for their pet. But they also have to spend their entire vacation worrying about their safety and well-being. Therefore that is why we recommend that you take your pet with you next time you travel. This would no longer be a problem because pets are now permitted to fly. However, irrespective of this fact many individuals are unaware of the steps that they have to follow.

Contact The Consulate
You should never begin to worry whether you can bring your pet when you are on the cairns airport transfers to Palm Cove. Instead, way before you make any plans you need to contact the consulate. That is because this is the only way you can obtain the correct information. This way you can determine whether your animal has to be quarantined or not. That is because while certain countries require the animal to be in quarantine for months others do not. When going on a weeklong vacation it is pointless to have the animal quarantined for 6 months. Therefore make sure you clarify these points before making any plans. cairns airport shuttle bus

Contact Your Vet

You don’t need your pet getting sick whilst on the cairns airport shuttle bus. Therefore before you leave to make sure to visit the vet. This way you can make sure that your pet is healthy. Furthermore, if your animal is old the doctor may tell you long distance travelling would be hard on them. Therefore make sure the animal would be able to withstand this trip before making plans. Moreover, certain countries also require the animal to be up to date on their vaccinations. Therefore you will need to visit the doctor to obtain all the necessary medical records.

Make Reservations

When travelling with a pet you cannot wait until the last minute to make reservations. That is because not all animals would be allowed to travel in the cabin. This would only be allowed if the animal is small in size. If not they will have to travel in an assigned space. This would be a ventilated and heated hold. Furthermore, the airline would also ensure that it is quiet and dark. This would make it more comfortable for the animal than travelling in a noisy cabin.Thus, if you follow these tips you will have no trouble travelling with your pet.