Strengthening Your Vocal Chords

Some people are born with the strongest, most powerful voices that can blow out an arena. Think Adele or Christina Aguilera, the latter who’s speaking voice sounds like its coming from a shy teenager. Others who can belt a tune may have voices that range all the way from middling, husky to normal two octave range. Not everyone can become a soul music or a rock star but most of us can increase the capability of our voices by following the guidelines given below.

Seek Professional Help

There is a reason why there are so many voice coaches out there. It is imperative that you take singing classes if you want to improve your voice. These sessions are not just about hitting the right note or learning how to articulate (although that’s included). It is about warming up the vocal chords before you perform so that they will last longer and have less strain. It is about pushing your voice as far as it can go, but under a watchful eye so you will never push too far. It’s about understanding how your voice works so that you can do trills and other tricks that sound fantastic.

Go With Your Strengths

Ultimately, what genre of music you want to perform in will be your choice, but there are certain kinds of music that will sound best with your type of voice. Straining your voice to try and sing a genre that mostly hits notes out of your range will only damage your vocal chords further. For instance, a nasally and strong voice could try country, while tenor and baritone voices that have a richer, deeper timbre may try RnB or old school hip pop. An experienced voice coach can help you identify your strengths and then you can take classes for that; if popular music is your thing, then take pop singing classes to enhance your voice.    

Take Care of Your Voice

If you want your voice to improve, you will need to include certain super foods into your diet that is good for the voice. Take spoonful of bees’ honey every day in the morning and let it gently coat your throat; don’t be in a hurry to swallow it. Honey is good for soothing irritations and inflammations. Always drink water and keep your throat moist. Drink out of your own bottle (for hygiene purposes) and float a slice of lemon and some mint in it so that you get a constant shot of Vitamin C. Gargle with salt water every morning. Some doctors will recommend a ginger shot every day to prevent sickness because your voice will be the first thing that is affected by colds and ‘flus.